Monday, February 25, 2013

Maggie Turns 1/2!!!!

Such a bright eyed beauty!!!  When I met up with her mom and dad before Miss Maggie's arrival, we had a blast!!!  It was a maternity session full of fun, interactive water fountains, carousel rides, and more!!!  So, it is no surprise that Maggie, even at 6 months of age, is an absolute blast . . . and she is soooo stinkin' CUTE!!!

I visited Maggie at her house for her 6 month session to make the session more personal.  Her parents and grandparents even joined in for some super cute 3 generation images!!!

And I just realized that Maggie's newborn session was during my blogging hiatus, so I will HAVE to share a couple of shots for her newborn session, so you can see how ADORABLE she was then too and how much she's grown!!!!

Newborn Maggie in her crib!!!

Newborn Maggie with her Fur-Sister Ponder!!!  Ponder also had to get in on some of our new pictures too!!!  LOVE them together!!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

World's Fair with Carson!!!

I always LOVE meeting up with Carson!!!  It is like being transformed back into childhood and getting to see the world through her eyes!!!  She is always so bright and cheerful and has the MOST FUN every time I see her!!!

This time, we met up at the World's Fair Park and managed to enjoy the Chocolate Factory, the Sunsphere, the Fountains, and more!!!  And yes, thank you very much, I even got to go running through the huge fountain!!!!  Hahaha!!!  An absolute BLAST!!!!