Friday, January 25, 2013

Eric + Kelsey

I suspect you all thought I dropped off the face of the blogging universe . . . I am back!!!  This past summer and fall were filled with wonderful sessions and overwhelming beauty in the most amazing people!!!  I love what I do!!!

On this lovely icy winter day, this GORGEOUS July wedding will warm you right up!!!!

Eric & Kelsey met through mutual friends at the end of 2009, and after spending more and more time together, they fell in LOVE!!!  After prayerful consideration, Eric swept her off her feet and popped the question, and she said YES!!!

It was such a pleasure to be with these two on their Wedding Day and to witness such kind and gracious love!!!!  Just look at how they look at one another!!!!  I just LOVE them!!!!

Sooo . . . without further rambling on my part . . . CONGRATULATIONS Eric & Kelsey!!!!!

And you MUST check out her FABULOUS shoes!!!!



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Breaking Into 2013

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.  2012 truly was a fabulous whirlwind of a year!!!  I celebrated my 30th birthday with my Nanny in South Africa on a safari!!  I surpassed every goal I set for my business, visited Chicago for the first time with my wonderful hubby, which also led to the discovery of Garrett Popcorn (WOW)!!  I found more time to read (well, at least in the first five months – ha!) than I had in years, made tons of wonderful new friends, and changed my own sparkplug wires – seriously, this makes the major accomplishment list!!  I discovered the joys of shooting pictures in linen pants, gave in and purchased my first touch-screen phone, fell in love with Siri, sent some incredibly embarrassing texts courtesy of Siri, and gave my Mom and Tommy my favorite super-fast “Boston in Less Than 6 Hours Tour”!!  I revived my genealogy search and believe now, more than ever, that photos of our family are priceless beyond words!!!  On top of all that, my husband completed his Masters with a 4.0 and has been blessed with a teaching job at his favorite school!!  I also realized my youngest twin nephews celebrated their 1st birthday, and my oldest niece & nephew are learning to DRIVE (WHOAH)!! 
Even more random . . . I talked to my Great-Grandma Dot via Facetime on her 96th Birthday!!!  That just seems crazy to me!!!  This is my Grandma who we still have to explain texting as “kind of like sending a faster telegram” – hahaha!!!  She loved it and even smooched the screen ;-) 
Life is amazing!!!  I hope I always take time to appreciate the glorious little moments and the relationships that make it all matter!!!   
So . . . here we stand, ready to leap into 2013 unafraid of the future and excited about all the possibilities that lay before us!!!  As I likely point out every New Year’s Day, my grandfather always made me create a list for the New Year.  They aren’t really “resolutions” as many people make with a list of things I hope will happen, but instead I make a list of goals for the year . . . real, attainable goals with a plan to reach them!!!  And then, the next year I open up the list to see how I did, evaluate why I may have fallen short in some areas, and make adjustments to improve!!!  I didn’t appreciate this exercise until college, when I discovered most people didn’t do this.  It is so easy to get caught up in life and let your dreams slip away if you don’t write them down and lay out an action plan to make them real and concrete!!! 
And now . . . my Top 100 Photos from 2012!!!  I know it's alot, but these were soooo hard to narrow down!!!  Seriously, you all are absolutely amazing, and I LOVE all of my wonderful clients, friends, and family!!!!  I hope I make your memories as fabulous as you make mine!!!
May 2013 be MARVELOUS, and may all your best dreams come true!!!!