Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Troy & Alesha are Havin' a Baby!!!!

Alesha has to be one of the most adorable pregnant ladies on the planet!!!  I had such a fabulous time with her and Troy!!!  They are so fun and laid back -- I just know they'll be wonderful parents!!!!  We really wanted to get out in the field for some of the photos, and after Troy helped his beautiful (and quite pregnant) wife over the fence in her fabulous red dress, she walked through an uneven field . . . in wedges . . . with 2 horses that were in love with her and would not leave her alone!!!  Luckily, they both loved the horses, and we let them participate in our shoot -- not that I was good at convincing the horses otherwise - hahaha!!!  Spontaneity makes everything more fun!!!

And check out the message from the marvelous mommy-to-be at the end of the blog!!!


From Alesha:
When Troy and I first met I knew he was the one! After 6 yrs of dating and 4yrs of Marriage, we were excited to find out that we were pregnant with our first child on my Mother's 50th b-day! The pregnancy has been a roller coaster, but I know it will be worth it in the end. God has truly blessed us! We are so looking forward to this new adventure in our lives ... Miss Alaina LeeAnn!! Thanks Nicole for making this time so memorable.

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Tiffany Evans said...

These are too cute. I just love the horse picture. The ones in the red dress are definitely my favorites! Yay for Troy and Alisha!