Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spring with Holland!!!

Photo sessions with Holland are always an adventure!!!  The first time, I met her and her friend, and we trekked through the World's Fair Park in the rain before hopping over a fence to play on a playground that had almost caught fire (there was ash everywhere).  The second time, we met up at the Opryland Resort, played around waterfalls, and had a blast!  And this time was no exception!!!  Apart from the crazy heat wave, we discovered we were in the midst of a nationwide helium shortage (more on that in the next blog) and were under siege by mosquitoes . . . but we were prepared, and we prevailed, having an amazing time!!!

Like me, Holland loves purple, so she carried the purple balloons with her everywhere, and I LOVED it!!!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chris & Sommer!!!

Chris and Sommer are sooo insanely cute!!!  I mean, they even met each other at a baseball game!!!!  How cute is that!?!?  I am so excited to share some of the pictures from their engagement session!!!  We had so much fun catching up and roaming around downtown!!!  I wish I could post all the pictures on here, but instead I will leave you with a few glimpses!!!

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepurn  I know you two will be holding onto one another for decades to come!!!  Congratulations Chris & Sommer!!!  


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jon, Lauren, & Gray!!!

I hadn't seen Lauren since high school (I'll leave out how long ago that was - haha!), so I was thrilled to get to meet her GORGEOUS family!!!  And her son Gray . . . what a CUTIE!!!!  He was so much fun!!!  Always on the move!!!

We headed across the street from the Netherland Inn for a few shots, and then this family of angry geese seriously hissed and chased us away!!!  I've never seen such angry birds!!!  Just for evidence, I took their picture too - hahahaha!!!


This little Canada Goose family chased us out of the park!!!  Hahahaha!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catherine, Class of 2012!!!

Meet Catherine!!!  Can't you already tell that she is just FABULOUS!?!?

Catherine just graduated from the University of Tennessee with her Bachelor's in Kinesiology, and I actually got to meet up with her and her family on campus right after graduation!!!  We had so much fun!!!  And I have to be honest . . . I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tennessee sunglasses!!!!  Go VOLS!!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Noah is 9 Months Old!!!

It has been such a joy to watch little Noah as he has grown and changed these past nine months!!!  It is always fabulous to catch up with Matt & Tina, and I was so excited to see Noah and check out his latest skills!!!  The last time I got to see him for his Six-Month Session, he was crawling and was oh-so-cute!!!  Now, he has taken those motor skills to a whole new level.  He could take off on all fours, and LOVED walking around holding on to Mommy & Daddy's hands!!!  Soooo cute!!!

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I even got to meet Matt's parents for a fun Three Generation Picture!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring with Madeline!!!

Classic beauty!!!  I know she is so little, but I am just amazed by her flawless skin, curly hair, and big brown eyes!!!  We had sooo much fun in the flowers!!!  She loved picking the daisies and buttercups, but I think she had the most fun with the dandelions!!!

She ran through the fields, threw rocks from the bridge, climbed a tree, swung from a fence, and twirled round and round!!!!  Soooo adorable!!!