Monday, April 30, 2012

Bryce & Katie's Easter Mini!!!

Sooo excited to share these photos from my Easter session with Bryce & Katie!!!  These two cracked me up, and I'm sure you can see why from the pictures!!!  They were so much fun and loved playing with the bunnies and goats!!!  Max thought Bryce was the coolest and LOVED when he fed him leaves!!  And Katie is sooo adorable and looked so stinkin' cute chasing after the bunnies!!! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reagan & Kathryn's Easter Mini!!!

Sooo excited to share these two super adorable sisters!!!  Reagan & Kathryn are such BEAUTIFUL young ladies inside and out!!!  I've known their mother since kindergarden (I won't mention how long ago that has been - hahaha!), and they are sooo much like her when she was that age!!!  Fiery red hair, stunning blue eyes, and full of personality!!!  And Reagan is just a little bit sassy, and you can't help but smile at her cute smile and determination!!!  I just LOVE them!!! 

You can see more pictures of Reagan and Kathryn from their large Family Session and from Kat's Birthday Party




Monday, April 23, 2012

SUPER CUTE Cousins Easter Session!!!

I cannot even begin to describe how crazy fun I had shooting this session!!!  Seven super cute cousins all came together for these Easter pictures, and we had a total blast!!!  I almost want to narrate the pictures, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet since I know you really just want to see their adorable faces!!!  I had the bright idea to get ALL of the bunnies out for them to play with at one time - hahahaha!!!  In case you were unaware . . . 7 Children + 7 Bunnies = 8 Frantic and Hilarious Adults.  These amazing kids actually stayed on the blanket and played with the bunnies and each other having fun!!!  The bunnies however were not so cooperative with my plan, and they started hopping all over the place!!!  If I haven't mentioned this, I have THE BEST clients, so all the adults were pitching in and chasing the escapee bunnies to hand them back to the kids, but one super sneaky bunny made it all the way to the horse field.  Our horses were extremely curious and ran over (yes, I said RAN) to see what little critter had wandered into their turf.  Lakota slid to a halt next to the bunny (did I mention my heart stopped, and I screamed), leaned over and nuzzled it with his nose before we snatched the little furball up!!! 

I absolutely loved hanging out with all of them and their wonderful parents!!!  Such a sweet, laid back, and fun family!!!  So, without further ado, meet Avery, Isaac, Kynzi, Luke, Mason, Rebecca, & Sarah!!! 


We even started off the session by adding 3 more of their cousins into the mix!!!  And since I've been asked this already a few times:  Yes, ten is the most number of children I've ever photographed in one group picture (but I've definitely had more adults in one group picture).  Yes, I absolutely LOVE lots of kids together!!