Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nick & Lindsey Get Hitched!!!

A dream is a wish your heart makes . .  and these two are living the fairy tale!!! Nick & Lindsey went on their first date on 11-11-11!!!  For those of you who missed your fun pre-teen years, 11:11 is the best time to make a wish, so 11-11-11 is clearly the best day for it!!!  And these two are proof that dreams really do come true!!!

Lindsey is my spreadsheet twin!!!  She is the only person I've ever known who shares my love for spreadsheets and finds my long detailed paragraphs explaining any question to be perfectly normal!!!  When I asked her for her wedding details, I received the most beautiful list (in some cases, complete with pictures)!!!

In all the years I have known Lindsey, I have never seen her as happy as she is with Nick!!!  They absolutely shine when they're together!!!  I cannot even express how incredibly happy I am for them!!

LOVE how the bridesmaids all wrote messages to the bride on the bottom of her shoes!!!

Check out their full wedding slideshow here . . .

A special thanks to the following people and businesses for making this wedding fabulous:

Twin Cedar Farm for a Beautiful Location

Friend Caldwell Smith for Delicious Catering

Matron of Honor Sarah for Divine Desserts

Friend Joey Tack for Awesome DJ-ing

Nick & Lindsey -- I wish you both the BEST and pray God will continue to bless your marriage!!!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Morgan & Lauren Say I DO!!!

From the moment I met Morgan & Lauren for their engagement session (almost exactly 2 years after they met), I knew I was going to fall in love with their wedding!!!  They're a get out and go kind of couple and love traveling together and going to concerts and sporting events!!!  Morgan even popped the question on my most favorite beach - Magen's Bay in St. Thomas!!!  Absolutely magical!!!!  They are such an amazing, fun, and creative couple!!!  I can't wait to share some photos from their wedding day!!!

A special thanks to those who worked hard to make this day fabulous:

Foxy Events
Tennessee Riverplace
Blue Ivy Flowers
Apron Strings Catering
Bueller Band


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet Jackson!!!

Have you ever seen more beautiful red-heads!?!?  I am completely astounded by how Adam & Betsy managed to have THREE GORGEOUS children with such stunning hair!!!!  I just LOVE them all!!!

It is always sooo much fun seeing Reagan and Kathryn!!!  And their new little brother Jackson ended up being quite the handsome young model too!!!!  He posed!!!  He laughed!!!  He even put up with us laying him on top of a football!!!!  Such a trooper!!!  Sooo . . . I hope you all enjoy the slideshow from their session!!!  Absolutely LOVE them!!!

You can check out photos from the girls' 2012 Easter Session HERE.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Football Time in Tennessee!!!

With all the recent events swirling around campus and only 50 days left 'til the first Kickoff . . . it is safe to say that it is just about FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!!!

Soon, my city will be flooded by a massive sea of orange as 102,000 people descend on the campus.  Whether you love football, hate football, or are rather indifferent to the sport, the crowds and the enthusiastic rounds of ROCKY TOP are invigorating!!!  And . . . quite frankly . . . I wanted a really great excuse to share this insanely HANDSOME little guy's first UT Football picture!!!  He is ready to go!!!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun on the Farm!!!

When Fallon told me she would love to do a family session on a farm, I don't think either one of us quite knew what we were in for . . .

First, neither of us actually have a farm (kind of important), but then her sweet friend Latrisha volunteered!!!  Over 130 acres of fabulous farmland!!!!  After I turned onto a gravel drive, had my hubby open 2 cattle gates for me, and discovered myself surrounded by this!!!

Pretty sure I was lost, I found my way back to the road, where a man on a giant piece of farm equipment was amazingly kind and pointed me in the right direction.  After turning down another long gravel drive and making my way through two more cattle gates, I arrived at my destination . . . and it was GORGEOUS!!!

I must have been obviously confused because Latrisha stayed with us and guided us around!!!  We had sooo much fun!!!

Scott, Fallon, Zoe, & Sophie jumped over cow patties like pros!!!  Ok, so mainly that was Sophie - haha!!  We got to go in an old farm house built in the 1800s, climb up in an old smokehouse, drive off-road past corn fields, and climb some of the most beautiful rolling hills!!!  I had an amazing time with this GORGEOUS family!!!!

Scott & Fallon -- THANK YOU for taking me on such a fabulous adventure!!!  You have such a beautiful and fun family!!!  I had a blast!!!!

Josey & Latrisha -- THANK YOU for allowing us to play on your farm, and for showing us around!!!  I absolutely love it!!!!

I hope you all enjoy the slideshow for our session together!!!