Monday, April 29, 2013

Easter with Benjamin!!!

Meet Benjamin!!!  This little boy is such a CUTIE!!!  He loves to crawl, investigate, and see what kind of fun things there are to get into . . . and when he gets excited about something, his smile and laugh could light up a room!!!  Throw in those baby blue eyes and fabulous bow tie . . . watch out!!!

Andrew & Summer . . . he is ADORABLE!!!  I am sooo excited I finally got to meet him!!!  


Sunday, April 28, 2013

JR, Tiffany, Preston, & Nathan!!!

You know how sometimes certain people majorly impact your lives and never really know it.  Well for me, this amazing family falls into that category!!!  JR and my husband worked together back when we were in college.  He and his beautiful wife Tiffany have been good friends, and I am so honored to get to share photos of their gorgeous family!!!  I won't go into detail, but their family is a miracle, and they have always been full of faith, joy, and lots of humor!!!  Plus, they introduced me to the world of Apples to Apples - hahaha!!!  They have two incredibly handsome boys Preston and baby Nathan, so without further ado . . . I hope you enjoy their slideshow!!!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Carson Turns FOUR!!!

Be prepared for some major CUTENESS overload!!!  I just LOVE seeing Carson and her family, and this time, I got to meet up with her for a mini session right after her 4th Birthday!!!  Now that she is all grown up ;-), she is full of photo ideas and led me around, so I could capture her in motion!!!  I love that she skips rather than walks, and she loves to TWIRL!!!!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Wedding Day Morgan & Lauren!!!

Today, two amazing people will begin a new chapter of their lives . . . TOGETHER!!!  Happy Wedding Day Morgan & Lauren!!!!  I am sooo excited to be part of it!!!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Spectacular Seven!!!

You cannot even imagine how excited I am to share theses images!!!  This is the first time I have seen all 7 of these adorable kiddos!!!  The last time I got to see this family, they were getting ready to move to Philadelphia, where the 2nd oldest son Weston is awaiting a heart and lung transplant.  That was about 2 years ago.  Avery was still an itty bitty thing, not even walking yet, and Ellie hadn't been born.

I have missed them so much, so I was THRILLED when Julie told me they were all going to be in Tennessee together for a week!!!  It was such a pleasure to see Adam, Julie, Easton, Weston, Abby, Emery, Sutton, Avery, Ellie!!!

Starting at the top (12 o'clock) and going clockwise:  Avery, Easton, Ellie, Weston, Abby, Emery, Sutton

Check out the slideshow of photos of this GORGEOUS family by clicking HERE if you can't see the slideshow below.

And LOOK at how much they've grown!!!

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