Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cade Turns SEVEN!!!!

The first time I got to do a photoshoot with Cade was for his 6th birthday, so it is amazing to me that I have been doing this long enough already to be photographing him for his 7th birthday!!!  Soooo exciting!!!! 

I'll skip the part about how I know Greg & Ginger because she might hurt me ;-), but they are such an amazing couple, and I really love hanging out with them!!!  I've seen them go through some really amazing times and some really rough times, and their faith in God and their optimism and love of life always shines through!!!  Plus, Ginger gave me a homemade chocolate chip muffin to go, so . . . obviously I LOVE her - hahaha!!!

Also, they are sentimental like me and really value family photos, so I was thrilled that I also got to meet Cade's grandparents and get photos of them with Cade as well!!!  I hear about them all the time, and they were sooo sweet - just like their daughter!!!  And the super cool part about this shoot is that we were in and around the house that Cade's grandfather grew up in!!!!  I'm a sucker for good memories . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cade!!!!


This is about the time that Cade decided to inform me that there was a bull loose in the field we had just climbed barbed wire fences to get into -- I'm thinking if I see a bull, I might make it back across that fence 10 times faster than it took me to get into the field!!!  WHOAH!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Girls, a Guy, and a Lake . . .

You have no idea what an honor it was to do this session, and I am soooo excited to be able to share it with everyone!!!  Paige & I met in college.  She is a super-woman - hahaha!!!  Ok, so we all know those don't exist, but she is about as close to a Proverbs 31 lady as it gets.  She is a pediatric physical therapist . . . she serves on the board for a private Christian daycare . . . she is the wife of an amazingly sweet, patient, and godly man . . . she is the mother of 4 gorgeous little girls, including a special needs child (though you'd never guess which one -- they're all four amazing and strong) . . . and most of all, she loves serving Christ!!!  Oh my goodness, and her husband Adam . . . he teaches at a local middle school (which I think justifies saint-hood in and of itself) . . . he serves on the board for a private Christian school . . . he is a kind and loving godly husband . . . he is the father to 4 little darlings . . . and did you do the math!?!?  The man lives in a house with FIVE ladies!!!  And in about 12 more years, he will be the father of four teenage daughters . . . hahahaha!!!!  I find this incredibly amusing!!!

I know, I know . . . on with the pictures!!!  This session is so special because Adam & Paige drove up from Alabama with their kids to get some some photos at Paige's favorite spot . . . her grandfather's lakefront property!!!  He built a cabin and outhouse himself on this land decades ago, and it is soooo quiet and peaceful!!!! 

I hadn't been there in about 10 years and was shocked to see that instead of a wooded area, I found rolling fields!!!!  A tornado had ripped through the area and taken over 20 large trees . . . the amazing part was that the cabin and outhouse are still standing!!!  The land is still gorgeous, and I'm sooo glad I got to capture this fabulous family at their favorite place!!!  Meet Adam, Paige, Brianna, Addison, Ainsley, & Emery!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Choo Choo!!!

What is our fascination with trains!?!?  I have to be honest, I LOVE trains!!!  I think it started with a song my Nanny G use to sing to me when I was little about a little red caboose!!!  I am 29 years old and have ridden countless trains, but I still get super excited if I get to hop on one!!! 

Well, a little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the 3rd birthday party for one of my favorite little boys, and not only did I get to hang out with some super fun kids . . . not only did I get to take pictures of a party planned AND designed by the most amazing party planner I have ever met . . . I got to ride on a TRAIN!!!!!  Seriously, I am still giddy just thinking about it!!!

First . . . meet Noah:

Noah is now 3 years old and is THE most friendly child you will ever meet!!!  Plus, he has a memory like no other . . . the first time I met him, he ran up and greeted me by name and informed me I was going to be taking his picture!!  This was the same greeting I received upon arriving at his party!!!  He makes me feel like I am his best friend (or at least one of his favorite aunts) . . . such a sweet little boy!!! 

His party was designed by Daphne of Moo Moo's & Tutus!!!  It was AMAZING!!!!  Just look at all the details of this train-themed party!!!  And if that name sounds familiar, Daphne also designed my fabulous purple logo and my blog!!! 


Okay, okay . . . so the sparkly chandelier has nothing to do with a train, but I LOVE it =) 

Noah started his party off by leading everyone in prayer . . .

Followed by making a grand announcement that it was his BIRTHDAY!!!!  Let the party . . . and the TRAIN RIDES begin!!!!!

Time for BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah showed me his boarding pass for the train!!!!  I LOVE it!!!!

Noah riding the train with his grandmother and great-grandmother!!!!!  This is why I love what I do . . . I get to be there to capture moments like this!!! 

Time for opening presents!!!!  And yes, I realize I'm a bit sentimental, but I LOVE getting to record Noah's mom and dad helping him with the gifts!!!  Sooo much fun!!!!

And never pass up an opportunity to hug a cute girl . . . or two!!!  ;-)  Hahaha!!!  Too cute!!!

Thank you Sam, Daphne, & Noah for letting me share in such a FABULOUS day!!!!