Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chera + Five!!!

I am sooo excited to share this super fun maternity session I got to do with Chera and her children Cheyenna, Logan, Aleea, Gavin, and her soon-to-be bouncing baby . . . girl or boy!!!  That is right . . . Chera has decided to be surprised by baby number five!!!  I have to be honest, I don't think I could do it . . . the suspense would drive me wild, but it is sooo incredibly fun!!!  Sooo . . . I will update you all when we find out if she has a new daughter or a new son.


We started off by taking an innocent stroll through the historic covered bridge . . . seems relaxing enough for a 9 month pregnant mom and her four children, right??

. . . and then Logan decided to chase the turkey / duck / goose (seriously, we couldn't decide what type of duck / goose this was, but it had turkey-like features) . . .

The most HILARIOUS part was that my mother was assisting me, and the large bird flew right at her!!!  Screams echoed through the bridge!!!

Such a beautiful family!!!

Who needs to throw pebbles in the river when there are boulders around!?!?

And then we got to really play . . . in PAINT!!!!  I'm not sure if I had more fun taking pictures of this or if the kids had more fun doing it!!! 

Soooo much fun!!!  And then . . . the kids climbed trees!!!  And if you remember be being shocked that squirrels can climb up brick walls . . . well, imagine how shocked I was when I found out little boys can climb up tree trunks . . . with no low branches!!!  I was so shocked, I totally missed the photo op, but here are some of Cheyenna, Aleea, & Logan climbing a 3-story high tree (also amazing to me)!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I love these pics and I think the children are sooo beautiful and the mom too. You really captured their personalities. love it !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Nicole! and Chera you and your kids are precious!!! Such an adorable family.

Tiffany Leonard Wilson

The Thompsons said...

This is my fave session you've done so far now! :)

Erica Stacy said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Chera you are an adorable pregnant woman! I have to say my favorite picture is the one with the hand prints on your belly!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous family!! Can't wait to see #5!