Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday on Hilton Head Island

As you obviously know by now (since I just HAD to share the amazing sunrise I witnessed), my fabulous hubby and I celebrated our birthdays (his birthday weekend) on Hilton Head Island!!!  We had a marvelous time!!!!

We went walking on the beach (which makes me all giddy to start with), and then . . . we found this!!!  A super fabulous sand dollar!!!  This was the first of several we found, and I unsuccessfully attempted to throw them back into the ocean, but they just washed back onshore, much to my dismay.  However, my dear husband was THRILLED because it inspired me to walk up and down the beach singing gleefully:  I've got a dollar!  I've got a dollar!  I've got a dollar - hey hey hey hey!!!! 

I was a little less excited about running (almost literally) into these little creatures . . . I stopped counting after seven, and almost stepped on one . . .

After the beautiful sunrise and walk on the beach, we had brunch at my new most favorite restaurant on the island -- their dinner is amazing, but their brunch was to die for!!!!  If you're in the area, you  must check out The Black Marlin!! 

I had the Bananas Foster French Toast with Fruit and Bacon!!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  I LOVED it!!!  The only other place I've ever had that was at the Papermoon in Baltimore with our friends Shawn & Monica -- it is simply amazing!!!

We went to Harbor Town on Sea Pines Plantation . . . I LOVE it there!!!  It was the first lighthouse I ever remember seeing when I was little, and I love lighthouses!!! 

I was facinated by the storks (ok, let's be honest, I have no clue what they are, but they look like storks to me, so storks they are - haha) . . . they would not acknowledge me or pose for me, so we decided they were on strike!!!  And he is their leader . . .

We had lunch at Salty Dog Cafe!!!  I can't say I eat much sea food, so I really couldn't comment on the food, but the virgin strawberry pina colada was fabulous!!!!

Then we met the cutest set of birds!!!  I won't pretend to know what they actually are . . . parrots . . . macaws . . . I get them all confused, but they were too funny!!!!  They were the only creatures on the island that liked having me take their pictures, although I imagine the two blue ones were talking about me being some wacky lady with a camera . . .

We spent some more time on the beach . . . It was beautiful!!!  And I love people watching . . . I couldn't help myself . . . I just thought these two were sooo sweet!!!!

I just have to point out a couple of things . . .

First -- did this seagull really just cock his head at me!?!?  Seriously all the other photos I have of him flying over me he was looking straight ahead, and then he just looked down at me and cocked his head like he thought I was weird!!!!  How rude!!! 

Second, I just have to prove I'm not totally crazy . . . I was lying on the beach and looked over and saw double!!!  Kind of freaked me out . . . there were all these people farther down the beach, and they looked like they were standing on a mirror . . . except they were just standing on the sand.  Then, I discovered that this even showed up in my photos, sooo I can prove that I saw this, but now my question is . . . why / how??  I realize glass is made of sand, but is sand reflective!?!?

And last but not least . . . the amazing Super Moon!!!!  It was gorgeous!!!  I missed the moon-rise due to some dinner complications, but the moon was amazing all the same!!!  Sooo thankful I got to experience such an amazing sunrise followed by such a magnificent moon!!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."

Ansel Adams summed up exactly how I feel about the sunrise my hubby and I witnessed on Hilton Head Island this past weekend!!!  It was spectacular . . . astounding!!!  And as thrilled as I am that I remembered to grab my camera, I have to admit, they seriously do not do God's creation justice!!!!

We had an amazing birthday weekend (in case you missed it, my husband & I share a birthday week, but he was born 359 days BEFORE me - hahaha!)!!!!  I'll share more of that later, but here are some of the photos of the sunrise on March 19th!!!

"From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!" -- Psalm 113:3


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to . . . ME!!!

My birthday week has been crazy to say the least . . . flooding, snow, heat waves!!!  Yes, it is definitely March!!!  I am sooo thankful that my actual birthday was amazing!!!  The weather was perfect!!!  My wonderful mom and niece were super sweet to visit me with a huge Great American Cookie Cake (yes, they are my favorite -- extra fudge icing please)!!!  In case you're wondering . . . yes, it says, "Happy Birthday Nicole & Yogi" because my dear husband was born 359 days before me -- not to be confused with six days after me - hahaha!!!  We spend the week (at least) celebrating our birthdays, so more to come next week.

 Then, my fabulous hubby took me up to Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park!!!  It was perfect!!!  Such a beautiful day, and with all of the crazy rain we have had, the rivers, creeks, and mills were stunning!!!  We had lunch at the adorable Miss Lily's Cafe, and I have to tell you -- the food was amazing!!! 

And even more exciting, behind Miss Lily's was a super fun swinging bridge!!!  And yes, I bounded across it =)  The river was just gorgeous after all the rain!!!

The sky was blue and the mountains were just what I needed!!!!  We walked back to the old John Oliver Place (he lived on this land in the 1820s).

And LOOK!!!  There is SNOW on the tops of the mountains!!!!  It was 68 degrees, but there was snow on the mountain . . .

And then we discovered tons and tons of Daffodils!!!!  I would like to take this moment to give a disclaimer (yes, I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it); my sneaky husband insisted on taking pictures of me, which I am certain was his evil ploy to avoid having his own photo taken every 10 feet . . . but I was spending the day in the mountains and had zero makeup on, soooo . . . but just look at those daffodils and that snow!!!!

We didn't see any bear on this trip . . . I think I met my bear quota in the mountains the last time I went hiking, but since we saw tons and tons of dear, I'll introduce you to my favorite!!!  It was Bambi and his Mom!!!! 

We headed over to the mill, and  just couldn't get over all the water!!!  It is sooo much more fun there when there is actual water pouring through everything!!! 

We had sooo much fun and ended the evening with dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants (where of course I enjoyed chocolate filled vanilla ravioli in a raspberry sauce)!!!!  I had a perfect day!!!!  I would like to take a moment to thank my fabulous mother who gave birth to me on March 12th (we'll just omit the year) and my amazing family and friends and clients who wished me a Happy Birthday!!!!  You all made my day incredibly special!!!!