Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lilygrace Hits SEVEN!!!

One of my most favorite red-heads turned SEVEN years old this month!!!  I really can't get over how gorgeous her hair is -- I just LOVE it!!!  For her birthday session, Lilygrace was ready to show off her super fabulous cowgirl boots and fiddle!!!  And while I have to admit, the boots and fiddler were fun, Lilygrace is the one who stole the show!!!  We had a blast!!!! 

There is a special message from Lilygrace's Mom after the Photos, so keep reading . . . I just LOVE her mom, and her message is just beautiful!!! =)


What better way to end the day than to TWIRL!?!?!?

* * *

7?  Really could it be, my copper haired angel is still a baby to me!  The thought heavied my mind for weeks and desperately I have searched for that “baby” who is so very dear to me.  As she cheers for the local football team I search her face for just a glimpse of what use to be.  Each morning I still put baby lotion on her, telling her “Maybe this will make you a baby” she laughs so hard with her toothless smile and says “I was only a baby for a little while."  Somewhere somehow I just want to see a glimpse of the baby who changed my life for the better you see.
As I listen to her sweet prayers I realize just how much they have changed. Once a toddler knelt beside me to pray now a born again Christian graces my presences and blesses me with her exceptional prayers. She so carefully and thoughtfully prays and gives thanks to our Father in Heaven who has blessed us beyond measure. For this precious soul is nothing short of an angel I’m sure, a copper haired angel forever more.
I admire her character, her willingness to see that there is a brighter side, her loving nature and the presence that resides when she is by my side. This baby is quickly becoming a young lady after God’s own heart, and for that I can only humble myself for a thankful prayer. Not being a baby surely breaks my heart but being a follower of Christ, well I simply couldn’t ask for more.
Watching her grow is a blessing I’m sure, but just for a moment could I hold that baby once more? 7 it is and that’s not going to change, at least for a year or so, but if its all the same I will enjoy every second and be grateful for what was and is to come for this young copper haired angel who will always be a baby to me.
By Rachael Honeycutt . . . for my precious Copper Haired Angel Lilygrace Nicole

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jason, Maren, & Holland!!!

I am soooo insanely excited about this post for a couple of reasons:  (A)  I got to meet up with a fabulous college friend and (B) I discovered my DREAM studio!!!  Yes, I would actually consider getting a studio . . . if THIS could be it!!!  My standards aren't too high are they?? 

Please take a moment to meet Jason, his marvelous wife Maren, and their adorable little girl, Holland!!! 


It was like an amusement park!!!  Holland LOVED the escalator!!!

I just LOVE her eyes!!!  And I have to be honest, at the risk of insulting my own photography . . . photos simply do not do her eyes justice!!!  They are such an amazing color!!! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meagan's Dancing Belly!!!

Ok, so maybe her belly can't dance yet -- although she has definitely been able to make it dance before, so I have great faith these two little boys will be pushing and poking out her belly in no time!!! 

It is really difficult to write about someone so deeply woven into you life . . . well, at least without making myself cry.  And I have one more SUPER FUN maternity session coming up with my beautiful sister and her amazing hubby, so I will spare everyone my sappy stories about my little sister and get on with the pictures!!  Just don't think you're off the hook yet ;-)

Here are a few photos from Meagan's 18 week maternity session!!!  Isn't she beautiful!?!?  And isn't her cute little twinsie-belly too adorable!?!?



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sydney's Birthday Party!!!

I first had the priviledge of meeting Jessica and her fiance Will last winter for a really fun session that ended with the girls jumping in the snow on the trampoline (I was actually jealous I couldn't jump with the camera . . . well, at least not without hurting myself - haha!).  They are such amazing and open people, and I just love hanging out with them and their friends and family!!! 


Ok, this may LOOK like an innocent game of boy chasing girl . . . but it is sooo much more than that!!!  This was a game of everyone SCREAM & RUN from the Photographer!!!  I hope this game doesn't catch on - hahaha!!!

Slide Surfin'!!!  This really should catch on!!!