Sunday, November 6, 2011

Justin, Meagan, & the TWINS!!!

I can't believe it is already time to post maternity photos of my sister!!!  In case you haven't already heard me going on and on about it . . . my little sister is pregnant . . . with TWINS!!! 

The past 18 months have been particularly hard for my family.  We haven't really had the best year.  So, my sister finding out she was pregnant on Mother's Day (of course, we didn't learn this 'til much later) was the BEST news in the world!!!!  We are ecstatic!!!  And TWINS!!!  My mother has seriously been praying my sister and I would have twins forever . . . so, I actually did not believe them at all I heard the news!!!  They must be joking, right!?!?  This just further proves my God loves our mother most ;-) 

At the risk of making myself cry (again), I really have to share this story . . . Meagan & I were having a rather rough week as the anniversary of when our grandfather left us for Heaven approaches.  We were crying about how the boys would never get to know our Pa.  Two of our friends actually shared that they believe they already met him!!!  I had never really thought about it, but why not!?  If God knew us even before he formed us in our mother's womb, why couldn't our Pa have already met the twins in Heaven before God sent them down to Meagan!?!?  I loved that!!!  Thank you Moria & Chasity!!! 

Justin & Meagan are going to be AMAZING parents!!!  They already go out of their way to take the best care of their babies, and they are so excited about the arrival of their two little bundles of joy, and I just can't wait to meet them too!!!!  So here we go . . . the maternity session with Justin, Meagan, Kobe (the handsome fur-baby), and the Twins!!!


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I just absolutely loved these maternity pictures. Thank you for sharing them with everyone. Just love and love all the great ideas. thank you,